We Are Bringing the Finest European Aircraft to the US Market 

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Cruise 130 ktas, Stall 36 kts

Cruise 210 ktas, Stall 33 kts

Cruise 145 ktas, Stall 37 kts

» Evektor Super Cobra

Cruise 210 ktas, Stall 33 kts

Coming to USA in 2024

Harmony LSA by Evektor

Outstanding flight characteristics, low operating costs, a resistant metal airframe and excellent reliability proven in leading flight schools in both the USA and Australia with worldwide product support make the Evektor Harmony LSA the number one choice for pilot training.

Ellipse Spirit by Ellipse Aero

Inspired by the legendary Spitfire, this aircraft uses an elliptical wing design. The result is an extremely fun and easy-to-manoeuvre aircraft that is still very safe to operate. The best of both worlds. Once you try it, you instantly fall in love with this one.

DV1 Skylark by DOVA

The value for the money is hard to beat. You can get new, modern, IFR capable aircraft with 100 HP engine bellow $200,000.  Featuring a durable all-metal construction and robust fixed gear, this aircraft is engineered to endure rigorous use with remarkable resilience. And it is beautiful at the same time.

Super Cobra by Evektor

The Evektor SuperCobra is a state-of-the-art aircraft, designed with a perfect balance between performance and comfort. It has four seats, making it ideal for both personal and professional use. Emphasis during its development was placed on cockpit comfort, ergonomic design, and ensuring low ownership costs. Powered by a Lycoming engine, it offers impressive speed and range, ensuring a delightful flying experience.

What we can do for you?

#1 Aircraft

We are exclusive partners of the aircraft manufacturers in the USA. Not only we help you to configure the aircraft. We also overlook the manufacturing process and make sure the aircraft arrive in states safe and sound.

We help you assemble the aircraft, and as we closely cooperate with the FAA, we will guide you and assist you with your new airplane registration. We are also in contact with DAR to help you to obtain the airworthiness certificate.

#2 Transition training 

Flying the first time in the new aircraft can be a bit sketchy. But don't worry. We fly with you the first time. 

After that, we provide you with certified transition training.

#3 Service & Parts

We take care of the maintenance and annual inspections. There are a couple of available options:

  • You leave your aircraft in one of our service centers. (Los Angeles, Chicago, Wichita KS, Mansfield OH, Chicago, Tucson AZ, Miami). 
  • Ferry pilot. You let us pick up your aircraft in your location. 
  • Flying service. We send a mechanic into your hangar.
  • You have your own mechanic, and we will send the parts needed in 3-7 days.

#4 Social events

We are taking good care of our customers.

We are organizing cross country flying trips. The main focus is on having a great time learning new things, flying over mountains, landing on small runways, flying over the water between the islands, and things like that

They receive free tickets to all the major airshows as well as an invitation to annual meetups.