Aviat Husky for Sale

The Aviat Husky, renowned as America's favorite taildragger, is an epitome of versatility and robust performance. With a substantial useful load of roughly 975 pounds, it's designed for safe, efficient backcountry excursions, boasting an economical fuel range of 800 miles. The Husky A-1C model stands out with its standard Lycoming 180 HP engine, comprehensive electrical system, and advanced control features, ensuring reliability and enhanced performance.

This aircraft excels in take-offs and landings, thanks to its semi-fowler flaps and spade-less, balanced ailerons, promising stability and control in various environments. Beyond its technical prowess, the Husky offers extensive customization, from paint and interiors to advanced avionics, reflecting the pilot's personal style and needs. In essence, the Husky combines remarkable performance, adaptability, and personal expression, making it a distinguished choice for aviation enthusiasts. Check the available aircraft bellow. 

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