Evektor Harmony LSA

The best value LSA on the market

18 kt

Demonstrated Crosswind

130 kts

Max, Level Speed 

36 kts

Stall Speed

837 nm

Max Range


Aircraft flying



Why choose Evektor Harmony LSA?

  • Modern Design, Advanced Garmin or Dynon Glass Panel, Latest Safety Features
  • Robust Metal Airframe Proven in Intensive Flight School Operations Globally
  • Outstanding Control Harmonies of Training Aircraft
  • Spacious Cockpit with Superior Panoramic Visibility
  • Low Operating Costs, Easy to Access & Service Aircraft Systems
  • GA Quality from EASA Certified Manufacturer with 50+ Year Experience

Evektor in Flight

If Students Don't Break It, Neither Will You

Outstanding flight characteristics, low operating costs, a resistant metal airframe and excellent reliability proven in leading flight schools in both the USA and Australia with worldwide product support make the Evektor Harmony LSA the number one choice for pilot training.

Evektor Harmony LSA Specifications

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rotax engine 912 uls

Rotax 912ULS/S

Normally aspirated for lower acquisition costs

rotax engine 912 is sport

Rotax 912is Sport

Fuel injected for best fuel economy

Take off Run

620 ft

620 ft

Landing Run

590 ft

590 ft

Rate of Climb

900 ft/min

900 ft/min

Max. Level Speed

115 kts

115 kts

Stall Speed VS1

36 kts

36 kts

Never Exceed Speed

146 kts

146 kts

Standard Range

700 nm

837 nm

Fuel Consumption / hour

4.5 U.S. gal

3.6 U.S. gal

Empty Weight

705 lb

725 lb


1320 lb

1320 lb


20 ft

20 ft


30 ft 4 in

30 ft 4 in


20.4 ft

20.4 ft


8 ft 2 in

8 ft 2 in

Cabin Width

46 in

46 in

Fuel tanks

31.7 U.S. gal

31.7 U.S. gal

Baggage Weight

55 lb  

55 lb  

Design Load Factors

+6g / -3g

+6g / -3g

Operational Load Factors

+4g / -2g

+4g / -2g

Evektor at Sun 'n Fun 2022

Evektor Paint Schemes

Economy  Cruise:
Washington (VKX) to Miami (KOPF)

When flying the Evektor Harmony it is more likely you will need to land and use a restroom before your fuel tanks run dry.

For example if you fly a Evektor Harmony 912iS at 97 ktas and 3.7 gph, you will cover 794 nm, in 8 hours 10 minutes and burn 31 gallons of fuel.


80% Power Cruise:
San Francisco (HWD) to Las Vegas (VGT)

In reality a 350 nm flight is a far more common scenario. You still get pretty far before you get tired.

For example if you fly a Evektor Harmony 912iS Sport at 108 ktas (80% power) and 7 gph, you will cover 351 nm, in 3 hours 15 minutes and burn 23 gallons of fuel.


*The exact numbers vary by engine choice, read Evektor Harmony Brochure for details

Who is this for?

  • This is for you if you need aircraft for flight school.
  • This is for you if you want reliable and resilient aircraft. 
  • This is for you if you are getting back to flying.
  • This is for you if you don't want to have a PPL (medicals or other reasons). 
  • This is for you if you are looking to buy your first airplane.
  • This is for you if you want an aircraft that will last the rest of your life.

Who is this NOT for?

  • This is not for you If you want to take the whole family including dogs
  • This is not for you If you prefer buying an inexpensive old airplane (and then spending the rest of your life fixing things)
  • This is not for you if you still believe that only multiple engine airplanes are safe.


Do you provide flight instruction in this aircraft?

Yes, we have transition training ready for you. 

What is the expected delivery time?

6 months. 

What avionics is available?

You can specify a custom instrument panel, where you can choose everything from Garmin or Dynon.

What is a true useful load with a full tank of fuel?

That depends a lot on the configuration of the aircraft. It is enough for two people with two bags, though.

Will I fit into aircraft if I'm X feet tall?

Our tallest customer is 6f 9inch, and we managed to customize the aircraft to make flying comfortable for him. So yes, you will most likely fit into Evector Harmony just fine.

Where will I do the annual inspections?

You can either visit one of the six service centers. (Los Angeles, Chicago, Wichita OH, Mansfield KS, Tucson AZ, Miami). Or we can send the mechanic to your location.

How big is the baggage space?

In the Evector Harmony is plenty of space. You can comfortably fit there two carry-on bags or a golf bag. 

Production Company Evektor
50 years of tradition

Evektor is an international company and belongs among the leading development and manufacturing companies which are active in the aircraft industry of the Czech Republic.

Besides aviation, Evektor has extensive development activities in the area of automotive and mechanical engineering industry.

Evektor company was founded in 1991 and since 1992 it has been active in the area of development and design of aircraft.

Evektor has continued a 50-year tradition in aircraft production and is one of the leading manufacturers of light aircraft.Today 1,400 aircraft fly in more than 50 countries around the world.

Base prices of our models

Aircraft for those prices are complete and airworthy. VAT excluded.


Evektor Harmony LSA with Rotax 912ULS/S



Evektor Harmony LSA with Rotax 912is


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We currently have Evektor Harmony aircraft at:

SNA (California)
MQJ (Indiana)

UES (Wisconsin)

TZR (Ohio)
XNX (Tennessee)

VGT (Nevada)

BAK (Indiana)
PGD (Florida)

MTO (Illinois)
UIN (Illinois)

Private demos are also available, please contact us for a quote. The private demo fee is deductible if you decide to purchase an Evektor Harmony LSA. Click the button and fill out the form, we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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