Limited supply - take delivery before and of the year!

Quick Delivery Evektors ready for sale

We got our hands on a limited supply of pre-specified aircraft available for the US market. Aircraft are fully IFR equipped. Multiple stock paint jobs are available immediately. Custom paint job delivered in 1- 2 months.


  •  Engine Rotax 912 iS Sport2 (100 HP), Oil thermostat (fuel burn approximately 4gal/h)
  • Propeller DUC SWIRL-3-L, 3 blade with Inconel leading edges, ground adjustable
  • Garmin G3X Touch DUAL 10.6" Landscape Displays (2x GDU 460) + ADAHRS (GSU 25) + Magnetometer (GMU 22) + EMS (GEA24) + Synthe7c Vision + back-up battery
  • NAV/COMM/GPS GNX 375 +GNC255+GTR 200 + GMA245R + GAD29 Arinc
  • ADAHRS back-up (GSU 25)
  • Autopilot Garmin 2-AXES (GSA28) with control panel (GMC 507)
  • Pitot- heated
  •  LEMO connectors for headset (Bose)
  • Instruments lighting & dimmer, USB socket in dashboard
  • Electric trim with dual control switches (PITCH + ROLL with integrated trailing edge)
  • Stalling speed alarm
  • Canopy top painted (sun shield)
  • Advanced heating system with windshield/canopy side air blowing and defogging
  • Premium interior (see pictures)

Price on request, depends on the amount of the aircraft purchased. 

The Evektor Harmony is a versatile two-seat light sport aircraft by Czech manufacturer Evektor-Aerotechnik. It is rugged airplane build as tank and therefore it is very popular with flight schools and flying clubs. We have Evektors in flight school environment clocking 12,000h and more and they are still in good shape.

It features a corrosion-resistant anodized metal fuselage, a new tapered wing design, and a maximum takeoff weight of 1320 lb. Powered by a Rotax 912ULS engine that delivers 100 hp, it offers alternatives for high altitude performance or fuel injection systems for geographic adaptability. It reaches a cruise speed of 110 kts, a maximum speed of 119 kts, and has a range of up to 702 nm.

The cabin comfortably accommodates a pilot and a passenger with a generous luggage room, and the cockpit includes an advanced Dynon SkyView electronic flight instrument system (EFIS) and an engine monitoring system (EMS). The Evektor Harmony offers excellent value in the light sport aircraft market.